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School Board

The Currambine Primary School Board is responsible for setting the long term future of our school and maintaining oversight of the implementation of the School Business Plan.

Our School Board has six parent representatives, four community representatives, three staff representatives, and the Principal. The Board meets on the Wednesday evening of Week Eight each term and also in Week Four of Term Four totalling five meetings per year.

Nominations to join our School Board are now open and we have three, three-year positions available. The key dates are as follows:

Thurs 19th May – Nomination forms sent home
Mon 13th June (3pm) – Nominations close
Thurs 16th June (3pm) – Ballot forms sent home
Fri 24th June (3pm) – Voting closes


School Board Chair – Role Statement
School Board Member – Role Statement
Board – P&C Association
Currambine Primary School Board Constitution
School Board Code of Conduct

Messages from some of our current School Board members:

Mayor Albert Jacob

Born and raised locally, I have watched our area grow and improve for more than 40 years.

Over the past 15 years, I have served the Currambine community as a local government Councillor, a Western Australian Member of the Legislative Assembly, a Western Australian Cabinet Minister and now serve as Mayor of the City of Joondalup, one of the largest local governments in Western Australia.

I am a qualified and experienced arborist and have a masters degree in architecture.  I am also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Prior to becoming Mayor of Joondalup, I was one of Western Australia’s longest serving Environment Ministers and I continue to work to enhance our unique local environment.

Hugh Webster

Being given the opportunity to join the School Board is an honour. I am excited about being able to contribute to the local community having lived in Currambine since moving to Perth in 2012 with my wife and three children who all attend Currambine Primary School.

As a parent Board Member, I aim to draw on my professional experience (Senior Executive and Board member of several electricity generation asset companies in Australia) to contribute a balanced and thoughtful viewpoint and ensure that the best interests of the school and its students are at the forefront of any recommendations or decisions of the Board.

Eoin Flynn

I joined the school Board about 12 months ago and am honoured to be part of a diverse group with the common aim of ensuring our kids get an education and help to develop to the best of their individual abilities. The main part of the role is to represent all stakeholders input into the running of the school. The Board members are always respectful of all opinions and the function of Board is the process by which the school is accountable to the whole school community. Being a part of the process encourages me to give a little of my time to help the school achieve its objectives which as school community members we all share.

Jess O’Sullivan

Being part of the school board is a great privilege and gives you a unique viewpoint of the school. When you attend meetings it feels like being in the heart of the school. You will be delivered informative reports and detailed plans about the school which I personally find very interesting. While you are providing your time, you are supported by an induction process and clear guidance as to the role. A diverse board provides better governance so I would encourage new candidates to reach out. If you want to contribute to the school but you are time poor during the day, a school board position is ideal with evening meetings.

Sheri-Lynn Ludwig

I have really enjoyed my experience as a parent School Board member. The benefits of being a Board member include gaining a better understanding of the school’s direction, policies and performance. I have learnt so much these past two years and have enjoyed the strategic work that the Board has undertaken.

As a working parent, I find the time commitment is very manageable as the meetings are in the evening and take place only one to two days per term. My participation in the School Board allows me to contribute to the school in a meaningful way in a capacity that I am able to. It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with the other members of the Board as there is a real sense of camaraderie, teamwork and mutual respect.

Lorraine Popham

I am the Manager Corporate Services at Currambine Primary School and whilst I am in the Front Office, my role is mainly behind the scenes working in the administration and monitoring of the annual budgets and staffing allocations.  I also work very closely with the Principal to ensure the current Department financial policies are implemented and adhered to.

I joined the School Board just under twelve months ago as I wanted to be able to share my knowledge in a way that would help the other Board Members in the decision making process, but also to assist with creating the best possible outcomes for our Students.

Being a part of a fantastic School community is extremely rewarding and this has been extended by being a member of the School Board.  Every member has a genuine interest in the direction that the School takes and also have a mutual respect in making the best possible decisions to meet these goals.

I would certainly encourage anyone to become a part of this process – all that is needed is a small time commitment each term and a willingness to bring the best to our Community.

Creagh Ferdinands

Commencing my real estate career well over a decade ago,  I found that I had started more than just a job; I found my passion for working with people to achieve their real estate goals. Constantly seeking a better solution and taking the time to really find out my client’s needs, I take great pride in achieving sales results and forming friendships with all those who I assist. My goal is to provide a service that will exceed expectations, there is no substitute for experience.

I look forward to using my experience to positively contribute to driving Currambine Primary School forward, as a member of the School Board.

Tanya van der Walt

I am a Currambine Primary School Year Two Teacher, I have been a parent for 13 years, and I am a part of the Currambine community.

As a board member I will be a voice for the teaching staff and students because I have a very good understanding of the physical, intellectual and social needs of our students, as well as Currambine’s vision, values and goals.

I will ensure that all decisions made will be beneficial for our students and school community.