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Parent Feedback

Below is some of the feedback we have received from parents/carers:

“A high quality public school. The classrooms are lively and colourful, and the teachers go above and beyond for their students. The school provides a strong curriculum and academics and offers additional support to students that may need it. the administration staff are always helpful, not to mention, the children look happy to be there! A great community for children to thrive in.” Kim Mitchell

“Friendly welcoming school, lovely staff, fantastic students. All round a great place for my daughter to learn and grow.” Claire Hall-Mellors

“Both of my children went all the way through Currambine primary school from kindy. Sad to say goodbye as my daughter graduate’s this year but honestly our experience has been awesome. it’s not just a school, it’s a community. highly recommend and grateful for our experience 💓Helen Van Kampen

“I attended Currambine Primary School from the first year it opened and was so happy to move back to the area so my children could attend such a great school. My eldest is in his second year of school and absolutely loves going to Currambine. Despite being the youngest in his class, he has thrived both academically and socially. The teachers show great passion and enthusiasm for the kids learning, and the values of the school are evident in every day teaching. The school also offers great programs for pre-school aged children that my other children love going to and help build familiarity and readiness for school.” Elonie Moran

“Can’t recommend this school enough. We shopped around & chose Currambine over others & have never regretted it (6yrs later). The teaching staff are amazing & the children reflect the school’s core values perfectly. Big shout out also to the office staff who are the first point of contact and have always been a pleasure to deal with. Onsite YMCA OSHC also a big bonus.” Sarah Sefton

“Currambine Primary School have helped my daughter settle in after moving here from the UK. They have welcomed her to the school and I have no doubts at all that we have chosen the best school for her.” Danni Welsby

“Currambine primary school has been amazing for our family. They are inclusive and go above and beyond for the special needs children. I am so glad we chose this school.” Jordan Burgess

“My children started at Currambine 2 years ago, we had transferred from another school. I wish we had started there education journey at Currambine from kindy!! My children have flourished since day one of entering the school grounds. We had faced some very challenging issues in previous years and my son in particular struggled to say the least. But I now have 2 children that run into the school grounds as we do kiss and drop, which is a remarkable change as we used to cry the whole walk to the classroom. The positivity, warmth and supportive nature of the school starts from the upbeat school bell, inspiring ERIK reward system, fantastic teachers and support staff to the wonderful and inclusive school activities. My children engage in activities and are enthusiastic about learning. The change in my son has been life altering and as a flow on effect has allowed me to grow in my career which has allowed our life outside of school life to improve tenfold. I am so grateful to the person that recommended Currambine to me…as this prompted me to make the best decision for my children and myself! Now I feel I should pass on the same recommendation and encourage other parents to start their children’s education journey at Currambine too!! We look forward to what the next 4 years bring and the bright futures that are ahead for my children. Thank you Currambine Primary!” Laura Knight

“We have been members of the Currambine PS community for about 18 months now and are so happy we have come here! There is such as sense of camaraderie amongst staff, students and parents. We all look out for each other and we all have the kids lives and future as our priority. The school was amazing during COVID restrictions with lots of fun events to ensure smooth transitions especially for the youngest in the school. We couldn’t recommend CPS highly enough! Together towards tomorrow.” Michelle Johnson

“Amazing teachers. My little girl has continually had amazing teachers. Each year they just get better and better. It’s very comforting to know that they are in such good hands and knowing that they absolutely love their teachers.”
Jaimie McMeekan

“We have returned to the school after being away for the past 4.5yrs. Both kids have settled right in and are skipping into school in the morning with a smile on their faces. They love the curriculum, the teachers and all the ERIK tokens that they have received. It was 100% the right move sending the kids to Currambine Primary. I couldn’t recommend the school highly enough.” Maria Homan

“CPS has been amazing for our two girls. My oldest moved to the school in Year 2 after we did a big move from SOR to NOR and everyone at the school was so accommodating. The staff and teachers are amazing. A real community feel within the school!” Tamica Cardy

“After moving my children from a school they loved in the UK, I couldn’t be happier with Currambine Primary School. Their passion and enthusiasm shows in our children, they make learning such fun and provide a happy environment for staff, children and parents to be in.” Leigh Chadwick

“Fantastic and wonderful school. Wish it was a high school too. Just love the philosophy and teachers. Just an all round great school.” Natalie Malihoudis

We really appreciate feedback from parents of our students. Read more reviews over at our Facebook page.