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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

By now you will be aware of the statements made by the Premier and Minister for Education regarding arrangements for public education in WA between now and the Easter break.

Below is a summary of how this relates to schools in particular.

  • Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April 2020
    School is open and the children will be taught as normal. Parents are, however, encouraged to keep their children at home and access the online learning resources available at, as well as home schooling guidelines and work packages available below or through Connect (from Monday 30 March).  As you have been previously advised, the declining number of students attending has allowed us to combine some classes so that staff are able to begin planning for Term 2.
  • Monday 6th April to Thursday 8th April 2020
    Children who cannot stay home will be supervised (but not taught) at school. Children attending school this week will be from those families where parents need to work to maintain employment, children living with grandparents, and where school is the safest place for children to be.

Our school staff are working on developing online schooling resources to support families who have children at home during the coming term.

What we are doing is not home schooling. Home school involves a parent choosing to school their children at home after considerable through and preparation and not having contact with a school. We are in new territory developing an online learning approach which will be a new experience for students, parents and staff. We will develop and refine this model together in the coming weeks and months. We will have many successes and there will be some mistakes along the way from which we will all learn and grow. 

Parents have always been the primary educators of children.  Every day activities such as cooking, reading together, playing outside or watching a television documentary, have educational value and you should continue to participate in these experiences.

The home environment is not the school environment. Please do not feel pressure to recreate school at home. You will create, with the school staff, a learning environment that works for your family, but this does not mean commencing school at 8.30 and finishing at 2.40. You may be working from home, have very young children in the house or any number of other matters that you should consider developing your approach to supporting your children’s education. What works for you and your children will develop over time and may well be unique to each family’s circumstances.

It is absolutely alright to give yourself and children time to work through these matters. This is also true for our staff who are developing new ways of teaching and delivering online to families and will need time to explore and evaluate option, test new ideas and modify teaching tools. So please be aware that;

  • if the amount of work sent home via Connect or the Website is too much for your family’s’ circumstance, do less.
  • the school has sent home lots of links to websites, you do not have to go to them all and use them all. 
  • please do not worry how much work the children in other families have completed or not completed, remember each families’ circumstances is unique.
  • if the work your children are doing includes skills and concepts previously taught, please do not worry. Revision and reputation are powerful tools for learning.
  • if you’re worried that your children are not getting through all the work because the kids are playing Lego, or playing outside, you need to do the washing or cleaning (the kids can, and should help!), please don’t. Activities such as these have value and the children should participate in them.
  • you may find yourself with two or three children completing work at different levels and it will be challenging to get it all done and support each child. This can be managed by reducing the amount of work you ask each child to undertake.
  • there will be opportunities to use the learning materials we provide you and these will support your child’s earning but so will many other activities that you can do at home. Please be kind to yourself as parents as we transition into our new model of learning.

We are only a phone call away should you need support.

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