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Year Four

Year Four Home Learning Resources – Term One

Click Here to Access the Year Four Home Learning Package

This pack includes activities for your child to work on at home during the time they are away from school. The activities include tasks that you child should feel comfortable completing at home, however your child may need some quick guidance or clarification before beginning the activity.

Some templates can be duplicated at home and used multiple times. These activities have a star in the left-hand corner for easy identification. Please print enough of the following so your child can complete one each day of the week (Number of the Day, Spin It, Illustraor and What I am Curious About). Please ensure your child reads aloud; ad also ensure tat you child recites their timetables daily. It is ok for your child to read timetables from the sheet included in the pack Please assist your child to mark their own work where possible, using the answer sheets provided.

Photo of the Day
An additional activity is to allow your child to take a photo each day. It could be of a highlight, something they are grateful for or something that captures their interest. Ask your child to write a few sentences about the photo or build Keynote presentation of their “Photo of the Day”.

You may also take advantage of the educational website that have already been set up for your child’s learning:

  • Study Laddyer
  • Spelling City
  • Literacy Pro

We hope your child enjoys leaning with these activities. Thank you for your support.

The Year Four Team