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Year Two

Year Two Home Learning Resources – Term One

This pack includes activities for your child to work on at home during the time they are away from school. The activities include tasks that you child should feel comfortable completing at home, however your child may need some quick guidance or clarification before beginning the activity.

Online teaching videos and practice sheets are also available on Studyladder.

We hope your child enjoys leaning with these activities.

Thank you for your support.

The Year Two Team


Year Two Home Learning Package 


  • Spelling:

“th” Practice Worksheet
“ir” Practice Worksheet
ur” Practice Worksheet
“ur” Practice Worksheet 2
“er” Practice Worksheet


  • Grammar:

Comma Cops Worksheet
English Commas Cop Marking Guide

English Grammar and Punctuation Practice Worksheet


  • Reading: Comprehension sheets 

Sybil gets Soaked – English Reading Comprehension
English Comprehension Sybil Gets Soaked Answering Key

English Reading – Visualising (1)
English Reading – Visualising (2)

TIP: Please continue to read on Studyladder


  • Writing: Recount Writing

English Recount Writing Sequencing Activity

Recount Writing outline sheet. Students to write a recount about their day/week/ weekend twice a week.



(Online teaching videos and practice sheets are available on Studyladder)

Chance Worksheet
TIP: Use this language: “Chance is the possibly of something happening”

Maths Data-Representation-and-Interpretation Worksheet
Maths Data-Representation-and-Interpretation-2 Worksheet
Maths Data1 Worksheets
Maths Data Worksheets
TIP: Use this language: “Data is the collection of useful information”

Place Value Worksheets


Science – Lifecycles

(Online teaching videos and practice sheets are available on Studyladder)

Life Cycle of a Frog
Frog-Life-Cycle-Sorting Worksheet
TIP: Discuss how this is different from lifecycle of a butterfly.



HASS Places I am connected to
TIP: Discuss why we go to some place often, sometimes and rarely. Identify places the family goes to and what is the purpose for the visit.


Digital Technologies

Programming Concepts, instructions to move a plane: