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Additional measures in response to COVID19

March 23, 2020

We are initiating more actions to support the safety and health of our community. As the situation evolves, we will continue to keep you updated and support you;

  • We are encouraging parents to use the Kiss and Drop in the mornings.
  • Kindy, PP and Year 1 Parents, we are asking you to say goodbye to your child outside the classroom as this will enable us to reduce the number of adults inside the room.
  • We are asking parents to leave the school promptly after drop off and pick up to assist with adult social distancing expectations.
  • Teachers will continue to take sensible measures in the classroom.
  • If your child is absent, the best way to notify the school is via a short text (SMS) message to 0408 934 134. Please include the child’s name, TA and the reason for the absence.
  • We have initiated a number of actions to support the safety and health of our community. Separate recess and lunch times are being held for Kindergarten, Pre-Primary to Year Two and Years Three to Six. This ensures there are less children together at any one time.
  • Assemblies for the remainder of Term One have been cancelled. Assemblies in Term Two will be reassessed when the time draws nearer.
  • Many of our events have, regrettably, been cancelled. We understand that many of our students will be disappointed and we share that sentiment. Where possible, some events may be rescheduled in the future.
  • The following events have been cancelled:
    • Faction Athletics Carnival (20th March). School will continue its normal timetable on this day.
    • LADDs Beach Safety (scheduled for 21st March)
    • Carnival in Currambine / Food Truck evening (scheduled for 27th March).
    • Interschool Athletics Carnival (scheduled 3rd April).
    • Joondalup Lantern Parade for Year Four students (scheduled 4th April).
    • Anzac Ceremony (scheduled for 8th April).
    • P&C Colour Run (scheduled for 9th April).
    • School and Interschool Cross Country (Scheduled for 1st May and 22nd May).
    • Year Six Camp (Term Two). We are discussing alternative arrangements to provide the students with an experience in lieu of camp.
    • Winter Carnival (Term Two).
    • Belridge Secondary College Year 7 2021 Open Day (Scheduled for 6th May).
    • Ocean Reef Senior High School Year 7 2021 Information Night (Scheduled for 1st April).
    • Wanneroo Secondary College Year 7 2021 School in Action Tours (Scheduled for 24th and 26th March) and Specialist Program Evening (Scheduled for 31st March).
    • School Banking (closed for remainder of Term One, resuming date to be advised).
  • Staff are re-enforcing the importance of hand washing and hygiene with all students. We would ask parents / caregivers to also re-enforce this message at home. Our school cleaners have been asked to ensure soap is checked and filled in toilets every day, which is the usual practice.
  • Together Towards Tomorrow Kindness Campaign. We’ve been thinking about ways to help our children and wider community to feel more positive by focusing on things we can control, such as being kind. Please follow our Facebook Page (@CurrambinePrimarySchool) as, in the coming weeks, we’ll be providing ideas on how we can all make a positive impact in our community.
  • Here are some guidelines for parents, who are choosing to self-isolate, to support them with activities to do at home: Online Resources and Suggestions to Support Parents and Students who are Voluntarily Self Isolating