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Parents and Citizens

The purpose of a P & C Association is to provide parents with a forum to voice their opinions, concerns and suggestions regarding the well-being and advancement of their child’s education.

Another very important role of the P & C is to provide our school with the resources beyond that provided by Government budgets.


Our Vision

To provide the best possible environment at our school that promotes our children’s health, happiness and educational development and prepares them for the future.

Our Mission

Together with the staff and community to support our school, we shall promote the physical, social, emotional and educational welfare of our children.

To support our children our key strategies will focus on:

  • effective communication
  • a healthy physical environment
  • effective use of all resources and opportunities

The key measures of our success will be:

  • happy, healthy children
  • children who are successfully preparing themselves for their next steps in life
  • meeting the financial and developmental targets established by this process.

We will continuously work at improving the effectiveness of the P & C by:

  • Looking for new and easier ways to communicate with all parents, particularly those constrained by work or family matters.
  • Ensuring the accessibility of committee members to parents, staff and the community.
  • Ensuring the committee members remain abreast of developments in education management and the community that may impact on our children.
  • Taking advantage of every opportunity to promote the school spirit to the community.

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