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The Currambine Chronicle eNewsletter is sent twice per term (in weeks five and nine) and is full of interesting articles from our teachers and information about upcoming events and activities.

In weeks one, three and seven we also distribute a brief eNews newsletter, which provides a succinct update of the latest information and reminders for activities, such as events, excursions and incursions.

Both the Chronicle eNewsletter and eNews are available to view on Connect, the school App and website.

Current Chronicle or eNews Link:

Term 4, Chronicle No.8 – 12th December 2019
Attachment: How to Access Semester Reports


Term 1
Week 5: Chronicle No.1
Week 9: Chronicle No. 2

Term 2
Week 5: Chronicle No. 4
Week 9:  Chronicle No. 3

Term 3
Week 5: Chronicle No.5
Week 7: eNews – 5th Sept 2019
Week 9: Chronicle No.6

Term 4
Week 1: eNews – 17th Oct 2019
Week 3: eNews – 31st Oct 2019
Week 5: Chronicle No. 7
Week 7: eNews 28th Nov 2019