How do I make sure my child settles into kindergarten?

If your child does not know any students at school, after school play dates can help build relationships and a sense of belonging.

Children also settle quickly if you as a parent are involved in the school. Volunteering is most welcome in our school.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school ground prior to the commencement of the school year to familiarise them with the environment.

A Play and Learning Program operates one morning a week at the school for 0 – 4 year old students. Parents are encouraged to participate in this program.

How do I enrol a child with a diagnosed disability or learning difficulty?

Currambine Primary welcomes all students into our community. If your child has a diagnosed disability or learning difficulty, please make an appointment with the Principal or Associate Principals prior to your child commencing. We will be keen to understand your child’s needs, plan for their successful transition into the school and the ongoing management of their needs.

Can International Fee Paying Students enrol at Currambine Primary?

Currambine Primary School is registered to enrol fee paying students. Parents who enter Australia on a visa that requires their children to pay tuition fees should contact

Education and Training International at