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Currambine Primary School accepts enrolments throughout the year. Enrolment may be made in person at the school or managed through other means. On enrolment the school requires a copy of the child’s birth certificate and immunisation record. If the child has entered the country from overseas the passport must be provided so the visa details may be determined.

Children in Pre Primary to Year Six that reside within the school’s boundaries are guaranteed a place at the school. The school welcomes out of boundary enrolments when vacancies are available.

Children commence kindergarten if they will turn four in the year they attend. Kindergarten is a part time program for 15 hours per week. While Kindergarten is not compulsory, almost all parents send their children to a kindergarten program so their children can get the best possible start to their schooling.

If your child does not know any students at school, after school play dates can help build relationships and a sense of belonging.

Children also settle quickly if you as a parent are involved in the school. Volunteering is most welcome in our school.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school ground prior to the commencement of the school year to familiarise them with the environment.

A Play and Learning Program operates one morning a week at the school for 0 – 4 year old students. Parents are encouraged to participate in this program.

Currambine Primary welcomes all students into our community. If your child has a diagnosed disability or learning difficulty, please make an appointment with the Principal or Associate Principals prior to your child commencing. We will be keen to understand your child’s needs, plan for their successful transition into the school and the ongoing management of their needs.

Currambine Primary School is registered to enrol fee paying students. Parents who enter Australia on a visa that requires their children to pay tuition fees should contact
Education and Training International at

A composite class has two or more grades in it. Teaching staff are well practiced in managing the diverse needs of students in the class. Currambine Primary School does not believe that children are disadvantaged, either academically or socially by being placed in composite classes.

School Development Days provide opportunities for the school staff to engage in professional learning and planning activities aimed at improving the achievements of the students in our care. The children do not attend school on a School Development Day. The dates for School Development Days can be found on the school website.

Currambine Primary School believes in setting high standards of student behaviour and rewarding students who meet these expectations. Rewards include faction tokens, Assembly Stars and Gold Class Awards. Students experiencing difficulty meeting the expected standard are supported to improve their behaviour. Further information is available in our Student Care and Support Polity which can be found in the policy section of the website.

No fees are payable to attend a public school. A range of contribution and charges are payable for specific activities, excursions or events. These matters are usually communicated to the parents of the students involved by letter.

A copy of the Contribution and Charges for 2014 is available on this website or by calling the school.

If your child has a medical condition or requires regular medication you should make an appointment with an Associate Principal to manage the matter. Further information is available from the school website.

Currambine Primary School enjoys buildings and facilities of a high standard. This includes four teaching blocks containing some eighteen classrooms as well as a purpose build art room, science lab, two music rooms and a library. The school has an undercover assembly area and two astro turf play areas as well as extensive playgrounds and a school oval. The school has fourteen demountable classrooms.

The school has a significant wireless capacity and has extensive access to eBoards and iPads.

Children may attend the site from 8.00am. They will be supervised on the astro turf to the south of the administration block until 8.15am when they are dismissed to attend class. Classroom instruction commences at 8.30am. Children have a 20 minute recess at 10.40am and a lunch break at 1.00pm. School concludes at 2.40 each day.

While school uniforms are not compulsory in public schools we strongly encourage all students to comply with the school dress code. Information about the Dress code is available on the school website.

Classroom teachers will case manage students who require extension within the classroom. On occasions, withdrawal extension programs may also be offered. Selected students may attend the Regional Primary Extension and Challenge Program. (PEAC)

Volunteers are always welcome because it helps to foster the partnership between parents and the school. Parents need to complete a Confidential Declaration form prior to volunteering. Parents should contact their child’s classroom teacher or attend a meeting of the Parents and Citizens Association if they wish to volunteer.

Currambine Primary School offers specialist Music, Visual Art, French, Physical Education and Science.

Bullying is a repeated behaviour which is intended to cause hurt and may take the form of verbal, physical, social or digital actions. If you suspect your child has been bullied please make an appointment with the class teacher to discuss your concerns.

Click here to download the FAQ PDF