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Term Two Arrangements – Summary

April 28, 2020

Hi everyone,

We recognise that there was a lot of information in last week’s newsletter.  Below is a summary of the key points.

As you know, Term Two officially commences tomorrow, Wednesday 29th April.  Parents / caregivers may choose to send their children to school or keep them home. 

We will offer programs for students at school, students at home and students who move between the two venues.

Classes at School

  • Based on responses to the survey, we expect over 50% of students will be attending on the first day.
  • If your children are unwell we strongly encourage you to keep your children at home.
  • Children will attend their usual classroom and participate in the usual program.
  • Cleaners will be on site from 8.30am to 3.00pm and will be cleaning high-touch surfaces. This cleaning is additional to the usual cleaning which occurs outside school hours.
  • The Canteen will be closed until student attendance reaches 75%.
  • The Uniform Shop will remain closed however, you are still able to place orders by dropping your completed order form (either get one from the office or print the document via the website) into the P&C box in the office.
  • It is preferable that students bring their own individual water bottles to school that can be filled from the fountain as necessary.

Drop-off and Pick-up Arrangements

Kindergarten and Pre-Primary

1) Drop-off

  • An additional Kiss and Drop area will operate behind TA 18 and 19 (transportable at the front of the school) exclusively for students in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary and their siblings each morning (morning only, this dedicated Kindy/PP Kiss and Drop will not operate in the afternoon).
  • Staff will be on hand to ensure the children get to the right space to wait for school to start, to the right classes and are closely monitored for their safety.

2) Pick-up

  • The afternoon pick-up procedure for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary children will commence at 2.20pm to ensure we limit the impact on traffic flow.
  • The school will arrange for siblings of Kindergarten and Pre-Primary to be picked up at the same time.
  • Children in TA 18 and 19 will be picked up from the gate next to TA 18.
  • Children in TA 16 and 17 will be picked up from the gate next to TA 17, near the Year One Two playground.
  • Children from TA 13, 14, 15 will be picked up from the gate next to the Pre-Primary toilets.

Years One to Six

  • The normal Kiss and Drop will operate for students in Years One to Six in front of the Administration Building as usual.
  • Parents will also be able to park, remain in their car and drop-off/collect children as usual.

1) Drop-off 

  • All students will be supervised in the mornings, with some minor changes to allow for smaller groups of children and appropriate social distancing.
  • Years One to Three will be supervised on the Astroturf, as usual.
  • Years Four to Six will wait outside the Undercover Assembly Area.

2) Pick-up 

  • Children who walk or ride home are reminded to immediately leave the school grounds and head home.
  • If you are picking up your children, it would be terrific if you could arrange to meet them at a specific school gate to save you entering the grounds.


Alternate Home Learning Program

  • Home Learning Packages have been developed for Week 1 and Week 2. Once the level of attendance increases (to the point where all staff are required to be teaching a larger cohort of students face-to-face), packages developed by the Department of Education will be provided to parents who choose to keep their children at home. We expect that this will occur when 75% of students are in attendance.
  • Our Home Learning Program is available from two platforms – Connect and the Currambine Primary School website.
  • Parents and students may log on to Connect, using their ‘P number’ and password, and go to their class library to access the learning materials.
  • Alternatively, go to the “Parent” tab on our school website to access Online Learning materials. The password is available in the newsletter. 
  • For details on the work-package pick-up schedule, please see the attached newsletter.

“Welcome to Term Two” Drivethrough and Video

Today, Tuesday 28th April at 2.30pm, our school staff will be hosting a “Welcome to Term Two” Drive-through on Ambassador Drive.

The staff will be out the front in rainbow colours (rainbows are the promise of good things to come), waving and saying “hi” to families who choose to hop in their cars and join us in welcoming Term Two.

Our teachers have been working very hard to prepare for Term Two and have also put together a video for the students. To view the video, please visit the website below and use the password that can be found in the newsletter

We wish to thank you for supporting our staff, as we work to ensure the best for all in our community.  

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